Wednesday, April 6th 12-1pm PST / 3-4pm EST

In honor of Women's Month, we are excited to offer a  1 hour complimentary masterclass to help you bust through your negativity bias and kickstart the process of rewiring your brain to become the best version of yourself and attract your dreams. Nicole will teach you how to DIY her 8 step proven process called the Manifest Mindset™.




so, are you ready to learn...

  • Why you're a magnet first thing in the morning
  • How to tie your intentions into meditation & manifest faster
  • how to kick out negative thoughts & rewire your brain

Learn how to build your own custom mindset tool to regain your alignment and connect with your higher self in just 5 minutes or less.

how it works
become a 


• what our negativity bias is and where it comes from
• understanding the connection between our conscious & subconscious minds
• tools to rewire your brain by learning to communicate between them
• tool #1: meditation & mindfulness, science behind these practices when implemented daily
• tool #2: the 8 pillars of the Manifest Mindset™ & how to DIY it on your own
• empowering yourself through routines that ignite your positive energy

In this hour long training, we'll cover:

The Manifest Mindset Is Made Up Of A Clear Vision For Your Dream Life, Inspiring Purpose Statements, A Core Values Hierarchy, Personal Mantras, Targeted Affirmations, A Clear Picture Of Next Level You & Big Vision Goals.

Nicole Rosé was rebellious right out of the womb: empowerment was always the name of her game. After manifesting multiple "unlikely" experiences in her life, like moving from the Midwest to New York, becoming a world class DJ, creating her own six-figure business and starring in an HBO Max show working for her dream mentor, she realized she was onto something. Her strategy had worked every time.

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i'm nicole rosé

Nicole is unlike any other. THIS GOES WAY DEEPER THAN MY EXECUTIVE COACH. I’ve become clearer and clearer in my visualization of my dream life. I know that I’ve become a different person... the true Queen that I am. she helped me tie my why into a habit. 

- daphné, corporate exec & entrepreneur, 35