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Over the last couple years, I've built an amazing community of powerful women who have all experienced incredible transformations and continue to manifest new goals long after the program. Half of our women receive promotions and raises either during the program or just months after! Recent manifestations include: new dream homes, a multi-year lawsuit dropped overnight, an exact engagement ring from our vision board, encounters with deceased parents, healed familial relationships, and successful career pivots. A current student manifested a $5 million dollar budget to build jobs for 10,000 people with disabilities so the impact can be major!

I tested it by setting and achieving wild goals that were against the odds like a six-figure DJ career, a TV show, the celebrity mentor of my dreams, a board seat on UNICEF NextGen, partnerships with Google, AMEX and more.  I’ve coached over 50+ women on how to embody the principles of manifestation and build their own Manifest Mindset™ tool and morning routine. I’ve given masterclasses and seminars to thousands of people for Mindvalley, Citibank, Sovos, New Women Space, etc. When people hear my message, it’s like something in their soul awakens. They experience a gentle knowing - a return to their own truth. And, I want that for you too!

 And, I'm so excited to meet you! A little about me: I have an MBA in Manifestation. I spent 10 years researching, studying, and testing every manifestation ritual and routine on the market. When nothing worked, I built my own tool - The Manifest Mindset™ - that rewires your brain to make you a magnet for your dreams. 

Learn how to build your own custom mindset tool to regain your alignment and connect with your higher self in just 5 minutes or less.

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Are you ready to get started?! This is the exact meditation that I use EVERY single morning to mold my energy, align my vibration & shift my anxiety into postivie energy! So grab a latte & let's manifest this sh*t together.


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- Nicole L, Lawyer & writer, CA, 45

“Nicole's program really helped me! I did a whole mindset & career pivot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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