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A Results-Focused Partnership For Growth Oriented People Looking To Quantum Leap To The Next Level In Life


Here's what I already know about you: you're smart, you're successful, you're driven, you're motivated but you have a feeling deep inside of you that something in your life is out of alignment.... something in your life, whether it's your wife, husband, partner, your morning routine, your lack of sleep (or all of the above) is working against you and creating resistance that keeps you from achieving the results you deserve and desire.

You don't need a therapist. You don't need a coach. And you certainly don't need any more advice from people who haven't built what you've built or overcome what you've overcome. You're already a winner. You're already the powerful creator you were born to be but you want to unleash the rest of the energy that you know is inside of you. And I want that for you too.

This takes a special relationship - and guess what? It's time to stop expecting your husband, wife, or partner to be everything to you. This is a new type of support for the modern millionaire who wants to go higher, further, faster.

Using science backed techniques & strategies, I help successful people like you optimize your energy so you can achieve the results you want in life with less effort.

A monthly partnership may be exactly what you need to take control of your life & create the results you want this next year.


When you book your complimentary strategy session now, you'll get:

  • Clarity on your most important 2-3 goals

  • A custom blueprint to achieve them with actionable next steps

  • Free meditations & other tools to support you 



Alignment > Effort = Results.

this could be you:

We dive deep into where you are & what your goals are, and look for the 20% of the actions that drive 80% of your results so you can maximize time & energy to attract more abundance than ever before. We reprogram your brain with habits, mindsets & energetic shifts that will help you create your next million (or $15 million) in income or revenue. This has resulted in financial months that outpace previous years and even $17 million in 1 month for one client.

From Scarcity & Lack -> an Abundance Mindset That Creates Next Level Wealth & Prosperity



One of the main keys to unlimited abundance is uncovering your purpose & building "pockets of purpose" in your day to day life. If your legacy is important to you in this next decade, we can create a plan to share your greatest gifts with the world. Building a blueprint with goals and actionable next steps to achieve your purpose or build your legacy will help you make more progress in less time (all while giving you a massive sense of relief).

From Confusion & Exhaustion -> Clarity On Life Purpose & Legacy With Better Focus Than Ever 


As a busy executive or entrepreneur, there are always countless responsibilities vying for your time. Learning how to use your intuition on demand inurs of your day back but also creates incredible, aligned outcomes. We do this by teaching you how to reach source, god, the energetic part of you that is always there waiting to answer you. This is one of the biggest gifts my clients have given to themselves.

From Decision Fatigue & Uncertainty -> Using Intuition To Grow Your Business & Confidence


We practice dozens of different techniques until we find exactly what clicks in for you because every person is unique and what you've tried before maybe wasn't your cup of tea. My proven stress management & relaxation techniques include meditation, breath work, energy healing, subconscious reprogramming, connecting to past loved ones & more. We will keep testing & tweaking until we find the right formula to release negative emotions & rebuild your energy.

From Regular Anger & Stress -> Awareness & Using Your Energy To Achieve Your Goals


Sitting in indecision is painful. You deserve structured support to help you receive the right solution for you. We can work on finding clarity about your current relationship, heart-centered communication, healing from trauma, forgiveness techniques, releasing anger & fear, and most importantly, building a new compelling vision for your dream life & ideal partner. Many of my clients have met soulmates during the program and gotten engaged or married.

From Pain & Separation -> Clarity On Your Relationship & Your Ideal Life Partner

nicole rosé

your new partner

Nicole Rose Stillings is an International Speaker, Manifestation Expert and Creator of The Manifest Mindset™ - a technology that reprograms the subconscious brain to achieve your biggest goals and dreams. Nicole created the first prototype of this tool 12 years ago when she left the corporate world to build her entertainment career and used it to manifest an almost 7 figure DJ business, a TV show, a celebrity mogul mentor, long term partnerships with Google, AMEX & more. 

Nicole teaches regularly on the topics of energy, purpose, meditation and intuition, and was recently featured on MindValley & TEDx. She’s given masterclasses and workshops to hundreds of people for companies like Citibank, Sovos, Ellie Tahari, and Diane Von Furstenberg. Nicole also coaches executives & entrepreneurs in a VIP format, leads multiple group programs, and has been hosting her own mastermind with former clients taking their careers further for the last year. 

Nicole studied Psychology and Sociology at Emory University and is a certified Master of NLP, Reiki Practitioner & Medium. She spent 10+ years training in meditation, breathwork, and intuition. She placed 4th on the remake of the Apprentice - The Big Shot with Bethenny - on HBO Max. She’s passionate about investing in women-owned businesses and serves on the board of UNICEF NextGen. 

"Through Nicole's program, I was able to let go of what was no longer serving me, align with my goals and values, & unleash my creativity. Nicole helped me realize that my true purpose in life is to be a writer. I am so appreciative for all that she has taught me & the confidence she inspired in me." - Nicole, Author, CA

Nicole came to me in an energetic spiral & went from Lawyer --> 3x Published Author & Editor 1 year later

"Good evening, Queen! GUESS WHO IS AN SVP?! This Queen right here!! Thank you so much for believing in me & helping me believe in myself. I'm so excited!!"
- Natasha, Banking, NYC

Natasha was promoted to Senior Vice President - making more money in a role that excited her & aligned with her purpose

"NICOLE YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS. Yesterday was insane, the CTO randomly booked a call with me - I got the manager job but they are letting me finish my contract so I can make more money! 2023 is going to be my 1st 6 figure year, Nicole! People are going to be blown away when they hear about my next promotion. You are a mindset genius!! I'd say I can't believe it but if there's anything I learned from you - anything is possible! I love you so much! Thank you!! " - Marie, Technology, MA

Marie got 2 promotions, a bonus & a raise, joined the 6 figure club & bought her dream home in just 3 months