the      stages of

spiritual alchemy


– spiritual alchemy is about freeing your spiritual self which is trapped within you by the unrefined parts of yourself (fears, personal beliefs, self-loathing, etc.)

what is

spiritual alchemy?

– the objective of spiritual alchemy is to free you from self-destructive behaviors in order for you to live freely & uninterrupted

what is

spiritual alchemy?

existing in soulful awareness is the ultimate state of transformation that spiritual alchemy can lead to

– the stage in our lives where we begin to break down our egos, self-sabotaging behavior, & arrogance, & put it aside so we can find out what's underneath

stage 1: 


– it is the process of breaking down parts of ourselves that get in the way of our own happiness

– represents the beginning of spiritual maturity & the spiritual awakening process

stage 2: 


– in this stage, we are free from our self-doubt & can take a step back to observe our own faults & take into consideration how they may affect others

– the stage where we get clarity on our true thoughts & emotions by isolating them from other thoughts & emotions to accurately assess them

stage 3: 


– it involves becoming aware of our deepest feelings & emotions for another person or ourselves

– when we experience this stage, all of our unconscious beliefs & feelings rise to the surface & into the light of our conscious awareness

stage 4: 


– conjunction provides the inner peace that is required for us to truly accept our own authentic self

– fermentation consists of 2 components: putrefaction (the decomposition of our past selves) & spiritization (the stage in which we look at the world from a new perspective)

stage 5: 


– this stage is the beginning of our process of rebirth - we experience moments of the purified version of ourselves

– distillation deals with finding a way to integrate these spiritual awakenings into our lives in order for them to become permanent & consistent

stage 6: 


– this represents a level of further purification such as finding ways to find inner peace everyday even in tedious moments

– coagulation is the moment in which we have become completely free from the mind & have allowed our soul to connect to Spirit

stage 7: 


– the meeting point between exact opposites like the spiritual self & raw matter are the point where existence becomes fully self-aware

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