planning  is manifesting

Most people are so action oriented - they don’t spend nearly enough time planning but in the last couple of years as I’ve become a planning queen, I’ve seen an incredible ROI for my business & personal pursuits. Planning has also pulled me back from the brink of burnout & allows me to have foresight into my business, which creates a sense of stability & calmness even for an entrepreneur.

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It’s all about your intention. When you’re planning, you should be writing in your expectations about sales goals, new clients, revenue goals, vacations & time off - everything!

how does planning help you manifest?

Reframe planning to be a fun, exciting activity that puts you back in the driver’s seat - allowing you to be the powerful creator you were born to be.

Plan by quarter, month, week, day and then hour. Set intentions for each quarter, month, week as well so you are clear on what your focus is… because what you focus on grows.

how to plan effectively

Remember: you’re a whole person. Put in holidays, time off, work outs, a retreat - anything that gets you on the vibration of excitement!

Planning isn’t ONLY for entrepreneurs. Yes, if you work for a company some of your schedule is predetermined but you also have some control. Find those pockets of free time & put in projects that will stimulate your brain & help you grow.

if you work for a company

Think about your purpose- how can you tie your job into your reason for being? 

Only you know the flow of your schedule. If you work with clients or have lots of calls, you can designate certain days/times for those meetings so you can grow the business on the other days.

if you work for yourself

Next, utilize the rocks, pebbles, sand concept to stay focused on priorities.  This takes some trial & error.

You are made up of energy & each day when you wake up, you have a finite amount of energy to activate on your purpose Track the times when you are most creative, track the times when you are most productive & block off these hours in your day for the highest priority items on your to do list and move calls/meetings to other time slots.

Energy management  for all

When you plan, aka set intentions for each month/week & goals for each quarter, you are sending a signal to your subconscious AND The Universe about what you want. And, your brain will come up with new creative ways to get you there.

the bottom line:

Planning helps you manifest & activate on your purpose. Never shortchange it!

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