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If you feel like abundance isn’t easily flowing into your life, it might be time to uplevel your money mindset and raise your money vibration. Oftentimes, we have deep rooted beliefs separating us from things we desire in our lives but are unaware of. The deeper you go in this process, the more success you’ll have.

Everything I need is already inside of me. I have the tools to take it to the next level! You can also write out some specific money affirmations that make sense for your business and write them or read them every day.

#1 Affirmations 

Money is just energy - an exchange of value for the value you provide to the world. It is not good or bad. It takes on the characteristics of the beholder. What beliefs are you holding around money that need shifting?

#2 Mindset Shift

Make a list of 10 things you've accomplished in your life that most people haven't. Bonus points: make a list of 10 successes per decade of your life! Owning your success is a large part of shifting your vibration & rewiring your brain.

#3 Success List

Put your success list & affirmations in a note on your phone & read it when you need a reminder. Bonus points if you read it every day!

#4 Rewire Your Brain

Tie your purpose into a vision of the legacy you want to leave behind. Money follows value. What thing are you so passionate about learning that you just can’t help but teach it to your friends? How do you want to serve others? How does what you’re doing change lives?

#5 Purpose

Write your future self a letter of all the things you will accomplish next year, mail it to yourself & read it at the end of the year. Bonus points if you actually own stamps ;). Set a note to read the letter in a year & relish in your success. The things that didn’t come yet are still on the way with divine timing.

#6 Scripting

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