how to 


Figure out what the ideal relationship looks like for you. Consider what it is that you truly want in a partner. Don’t focus on how it will happen, just on the end result. Have fun scripting out the details of your soulmate and dream relationship.

#1 Get Clarity

Create an image in your mind, or even on a vision board, about what this relationship will look like. What does your partner look like? What qualities does he/she have? How do you FEEL when you are with him/her?

#2 Visualize It

Become the version of yourself that you want to be in this relationship. Who is the person who would attract your dream partner? What are her habits? How does she act? How does she treat herself?  Live your life as if this relationship has already manifested itself and you are enjoying the outcome right now.

#3 Embody It

Don’t spend your energy on people or things that do not align with your vision. Say yes to opportunities that will lead you to a partner that has the qualities you’re looking for and stay away from people who can’t offer you what you truly want.

#4 Align Your Actions

Release the how and open yourself up to multiple different outcomes. Your dream relationship may look different than what you originally pictured, but allow love into your life however it presents itself. Remember: The Universe always works everything out for your benefit.

#5 Surrender

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