access your intuition

how to


& inner power

a connection to our higher self that guides us to our higher purpose and best life. It’s innate wisdom in all of our beings that bypasses the conscious mind. Everyone has it and everyone can access it. It’s like a muscle - you develop it over time.

what exactly is intuition?

Treat your intuition as if it’s a practice. It takes both time & observation to become aware of how your intuition speaks to you.

how do you develop your intuition?


how to connect with your intuition:

1. meditate 2. journal 3. take a chance & follow your gut instincts 4. start doing bodily scans to learn what your body is telling you 5. make a vision board of your future - goals & dreams help activate our intuition


For some people, it’s a gut feeling & others feel it in different parts of their bodies. Looking into your unique human design can give you more information about how to feel into it.

where do we feel  intuition?

what are the signs of intuition?

1. you’re highly sensitive to what others are feeling 2. you have vivid dreams that sometimes come true 3. you can see through people to sense their emotions 4. random thoughts come out of nowhere 5. you receive messages from the universe

if it’s repetitive, objective & simple, it's probably your intuition. If it comes riddled with emotion, it’s potentially anxiety. It should feel like a gentle knowing.

how to know when to listen?

when you ask yourself "yes" or "no" questions you will feel that dot leaning more towards the right or left . Start with some test questions that you know the answer to so you can see which way you lean.

how to know when to listen?

find & follow your inner compass: your inner compass is what you feel - imagine a round dot right around your belly button & right down the middle of it is a line

how to know when to listen?

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